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Teleport yourself on the

track in your dream car.

Feel the motion of the race

Topspeed simulator will help

you get on the podium.

used in real car racing training

Ctcc,Formula ,Endurance

Rally,Nascar,Imsa,Formula Mazda....

Tracks Vr biggest Simracing center in Canada
Steven Ford Topspeed owner, Formula Atlantic winner

Boost your revenue with this

top of the line simulators

Commercial used all arond the world.

Vr Arcade, Racing center or Karting location

Custom project:

Nascar car

Formula One cockpit

Kart body's

Let's get things moving

-Fast         -reliable

-precise    -thrusted

Commercial use in mind?

Ask for a quote here

-describe your needs

-how many units?

Commercial Quote

Work in VR, triple screens

ready for : Logitech, Thrustmaster, Fanatec

wheels and pedals set,H-Shifter and E-brake

Online racing, Lan Party

or stand alone

Simulator includes:


-Racing seat

-2 actuators 150mm

-tech service,training

-Power supply, connectors

-2 years warranty


HD (heavy duty) Actuators:$2500

Kart Body: $1500

To use the simulator you need:


-Wheel and pedal set

-Monitor or VR helmet

Shipping continental US: $500

Price: base model + kart body $4600

detail: www.topspeedsimulator.com/product

Price: base model $3600 weight limit 230lb

detail: www.topspeedsimulator.com/product

Game compatibility

Sim Racing (RE/MAX)

Simulador Turismo Carretera

Assetto Corsa

Colin McRae

Dirt 1-2-3 Dirt rally

Dirt Showdown

Euro Truck Simulator 2

F1 2010, F1 12-13-14-15 codemasters

Grid 1-2 GT legends

GTR 1-2 ,race on race 07


live for Speed

Nascar 2003

Race room

Project CARS 1-2

Rfactor 1-2

Richard Burns rally

Truck racing

Price: HD model $4900 weight limit 400lb

detail: www.topspeedsimulator.com/product

Price: F1 body HD : $14 000

detail: www.topspeedsimulator.com/product