Donald Landreville


At first, I create a motion cockpit for myself, because to me the system available for motion was not satisfying.  Only the seat was moving on competitor model, or was out of price, So after 4 years of refinement I'm  im happy to bring to you the biggest improvement in sim racing history since the forcefeedback wheel. An all-motion cockpit that is affortable for any entousiaste to own.

Don Wright and Bob C Shawtz
race car consultant


Long time race car owners Don and Bob, did purchase a Topspeed Motion Simulator to train with their real cars (Formula Mazda, historic indy cars) on real tracks there they go in Florida. By using their input on the seat position, motion feeling and track feedback, we are able to bring you a realistic feel and relevent training experience.

Ultimate ManCave

Not all of us are  fortunate enough to race cars in real life.Owning a motion simulator is the next best thing.What a great addition to your man cave a machine that you will be able to use every day, without having to worry about budget, repairs, big bills, tires, gas prices or danger... Only the fun, the excitement and the competition remain. Think of all the fun you and your friends will have with a Topspeed Motion Simulator

Commercial use


There is big commercial potential on a Topspeed motion simulator. To attract customers and to create a buzz, use Topspeed in a trade show. You can be sure that you will attract a lot of attention with Topspeed.

Having one or many units available to customers can be very profitable. One machine can generate up to 120$/hour. Your machine will be paid off in weeks and you keep the profit for many years to come. If your customers are race fans the sim will very busy. Let go racing boys!

Christina Heimburger Salinsky


'By the way, as I'm sure u know, he uses ur simulator all the time. It's truly a lifesaver for learning a new track. He's been on it a lot lately trying to learn Mosport since we've never been there. So, thank u!! Definitely one of the best investments we've made!''

Ian Crerar , Rally CTCC Champion


'Topspeed makes a great product and exceptional value! Performance is the same as simulators costing many times as much. I love mine!

Jared Salinsky

my name is J Salinsky and among other things I am a pro race car driver. My team Shea Racing has been in the Pirelli World Challenge for over 5 years campaigning multiple cars. Both myself and team owner Shea Holbrook use Topspeed sim to practice, learn tracks, and get much needed seat time. 
I bought TopSpeed's first sim. It's awesome and i've never had any issue with it! It may not be exactly like being on the track, but it's the next best thing. But the best part is that donald is available 24/7 for trouble-shooting, car set-up, etc even from Canada (we use team viewer). He has never let me down; and after using his sim for over a year I am a WAY better driver now than I was even 2 years ago. 
We are starting a speed shop (likely to be named Podium Motorsports, international) in which our drivers will have mandatory Sim time on the topspeed sim for track knowledge, visual ques, and in some cases actual car familiarity. We may actually be ordering another from Donald!!

Star Mazda drivers



"the topspeedsimulator motion simulator works great and is as good or better than motion simulators I've personally used that cost several times more ... Topspeedsimulator  also provides superb software and hardware support for their product after the purchase ..


Steven Ford

Pro Formula Mazda owner and driver and 

Primary sponsor of the Optima Anesthesia/Global Racing Group Formula 4 car driven by Jacob Loomis in the 2017 U.S. F4 Championship series... 3rd place/podium finish first race of the season at Homestead-Miami speedway....  Jacob used the Topspeedsimulator with oculus as part of his preparation for the Homestead-Miami F4 race "


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